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TWICT is a collection of ICT ideas for teachers.
The Offdanet page is about how to get BYOD running in your classroom without using the Internet!  This could be because there is no Internet available or perhaps it is prohibited or limited in some way. It's a way of getting your teaching material across to the students and leveraging a variety of devices.

There is a NZ Handwriting page for daily handwriting practice available at qt.50webs.com/handwriting/
You can still get the original NZ Handwriting curriculum guide as a PDF download from TKI.

Usually we think of Word as just for writing, but we can Embed Youtube videos into word documents so that students can watch and take notes at the same time without multiple windows or switching views.

Recording attendance with Excel raises a problem with creating a timestamp that doesn't change every time a cell is changed. The method of solving this and some free files can be found on the Excel Timestamping page.

There is also a collection of 'odd' excel ideas presented in the More Excel page. The focus is on making excel interactive when used in the classroom rather than a simple calculation tool.

3D printing is now widespread with many domestic models appearing akin to the proliferation of ink jet printers. And indeed the cheaper models are taking the same approach, pricing the printer cheaply and then recouping costs on proprietary filament modules. With the price point reduced the idea of including 3D printing within the curriculum becomes enticing, but it should not be thrust intrusively into an already busy classroom. No matter how great the initial novelty, for the boosted motivation to be meaning long term, the use of 3D printing must be carefully integrated into the curriculum. On the 3D printing page you will find a description of an implementation for primary level classes.

 A Blackboard course showing instructions is available for FREE enrollment. This course is being taught using CourseSites by Blackboard, an online platform for organizing and securely sharing course materials, online lectures, discussion and other learning activities. To request enrollment into my course, follow the steps below:

    1. Launch a browser and enter the following URL to the course home page:

    2. Once at the course home page, click the Request Enrollment button.
    3. Enter a valid email address and your full name in the corresponding fields.
    4. Optionally, edit the Subject.
    5. Optionally, edit the message. The name you enter in the Full Name field will be automatically entered into the signature of the message.
    6. Click Submit to send your request.

Shortly after, I will send to you a course invitation. Follow the link to confirm and register. When signing up, take note that you can register using existing account information from popular web services like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Gmail, Yahoo and Windows Live to make it easier to login.

You can find a my attempt at a teaching card game at https://www.thegamecrafter.com/games/ask-away which can be easily used for educational purposes, especially Language learning.

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Examples of material I use in presentation can sometimes be seen at fs.50webs.com or at qt.50webs.com