Embedding YouTube in Word- unfortunately is no longer supported

This page is left here for archive purposes. YouTube has withdrawn support for embedding youtube videos as flash objects.
Having a video embedded in a Word document can have many advantages. 
  • you can write at the same time as viewing the video
  • you are not distracted by other Internet material
  • the file size isn't increased greatly
  • the linkage between the document and video is fixed
  • you don't have to search for the video
  • there is no switching between windows or programs
There is a concern that this feature may change or disappear in the future as modifications are made to both YouTube and Word.

  • does not work on Apple Macs
  • needs Word (not look alikes)
  • needs Internet connection (of course)
  • may need security box to be ticked to enable content when first opened.
  • needs developer tab to be enable to create (not play back)
  • does not export into other formats, i.e. can't be saved as PDF
The procedure to do this is shown in the videos on this page.

It is possible to embed other material in Word. Shockwave video can be referenced on the internet or local network. Small files can be fully embedded (housed) in the Word file.

Before you can start you have to have the Developer tab available on your Word ribbon.

Trouble shooting.
If you get a black box where the video should be then you have probably missed the security warning when you opened the document. This warning may get buried behind your document. It depends on your security settings whether it gets triggered or not.
If you get a white box with an x (diagonal lines) then you probably haven't got the URL converted correctly or the video you are trying to access may be blocked from embedding by the owner (that is controlled by them in their YouTube settings for their video).

Most viewed video of instructions.

Remove related videos from showing up at the end of your presentation.

Make sure you can see the Developer tab.

Putting both video and shockwave content into a Word document. The video shown in this example is available below in the files area called Verbs2.docx

An example of a math worksheet with embedded video.

Other material that can be included.

How about audio instead. Here we will use the quicktime option.

Troubleshooting a Black box instead of seeing the video.
embed warning
You must tick "I recognize..." before you click continue or you will get a black box. If you forget, just close the document and open it again.

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