Unfortunately Google has removed the ability of being able to embed the Handwriting pages in this site. So you will need click on the picture link to go to the actual site.

This Handwriting site was designed to let me have a full year's worth of handwriting practice example ready at my fingertips for a Year 2 class.  There is sample lesson plan for the use of the site at the bottom of this page.
Some of the words are localized to around my area in the South Island of New Zealand since they are important for my children to practice with and use in their writing.  The stroke order, is based on an old NZ Handwriting curriculum document which I personally don't like for some letters (especially M, N & W capitals), however since that was what was expected at the time, that is what I have modeled. 
You can still get the original NZ Handwriting curriculum guide as a PDF download from TKI.
The file below is a sample lesson plan for teaching with the site.

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